“Well-developed technique…there was always a sense of genuine personal involvement in the music at hand.”

New York Times, New York, USA


“A rising star, a brilliant pianist.”

WNCN Radio – New York, USA


“…a pianist of incredible talent.”

Vancouver Courier – Vancouver, Canada


“…a presentation full of dynamism and passion.”

La Depeche – Midi Pyrenes, France


“He has shown a marvelous predisposition and technical know-how, as well as a tremendous scale of expression and rich colouristic palette.”

Glos Szczecinski – Szczecin, Poland


“…showed his full brilliant efficiency with precise technique, sensitive interpretation and dynamics.”

St. Poltner Zeitung – Herzogenburg, Austria


“…absolute dominion over the keyboard.”

Manila Bulletin – Manila, Philippines


“Impressive skill…played full of expression, one could almost say he sang it through the piano.”

Badener Zeitung – Baden, Austria


“At times, one had the impression of listening to a symphony orchestra, and not a piano.”

Kurier – Szczecin, Poland


“Sunico’s performance on the pianoforte had grace and poetry…clear fingerwork…stupendous technique.”

The Statesman – New Delhi, India


“An inspiring debut…easily the best Chopin we have heard this season.”

The Independent – Bombay, India